My Chariot Awaits


In approximately an hour and a half I will board this iron bird. 14 hours later I will step out its beak to a desert oasis. Last night my dreams were varied and vibrant, as one would expect considering the changes the subconscious is ascending upon. The dream themes – that’s fun to say – were of new worlds and unexplored territories and fear and doubt and excitement and underwater roller-coasters…no joke. There was even an underwater roller-coaster helmet that looked like a seal’s head mixed with 2 miniature cylindrical oxygen tanks. But aside from the details, it was all about the unknown. Things I know nothing about.

One thing my mom and dad know very little about is the Middle East. But despite that fact, they have been so supportive of my drastic life changes. One of the ways they show that support is through questions. The comical part is that their questions are phrased as if I’m a native Emirati. And as much as I’ve read about it these last few months, apparently I was NOT born in the Persian Gulf. One has only to listen to my butchered attempts at Arabic to know that. But despite the fact that I can answer maybe 10% of their questions, they’ve given me serious incite into why I question things so incessantly.

It is interesting to think about how I had to fly to Chicago, an hour behind Philly, before I flew to Abu Dhabi, eight hours ahead. Because as I have spent time over these last few years getting to know my family more deeply, especially my parents, I realize that taking a step back in time will allow me to take giant leaps forward. And that gracious strength of my past will afford me the powerful courage in the future. However dauntingly uncertain the unknown of worlds to come may appear, I look forward to cracking open that iron bird and sitting comfortably in its bowels… At least for 14 hours, then I’m getting off the plane.