Fruity Substitution

What happens when you limit the sale and consumption of alcohol in an entire country? Many things. Crazy things. Mostly expected – a decrease in Segway accidents and a drop in alcohol related spoutal abuse (i.e. that’s where you drink directly from the kitchen spout the morning after because of your massive headache). But here’s an outcome you would have never expected…

delicious fruit drinks.Delicious... and regrettably good for you.

Have you ever had a watermelon, pine nut, and artichoke fruit cocktail? Neither have I, scary. But if I wanted one I could get one very easily. Every restaurant, café, and quirky little kiosk I pass by have these crazy concoctions. We thought we Americans were versed in exotic juices because we’ve drank Pomegranate Pear from Nantucket Nectars Juice Company? Not.

They got some serious juicing going on here in the UAE. I had to try one, so I ordered an Avocado Cocktail today and despite my best inclinations at an ‘I’m-grossed-out’ face, it was actually quite decent. Chunky, but decent.

Alcohol Restriction End Result:

People like to drink interesting things. So when you take away the alcohol, you’re left with a trail of destruction resulting in millions of casualties… Discarded rinds and pits EVERYWHERE!!!