You sit down to watch a video, eat a few chocolate biscuits, and drink a nice cold glass of chocolate milk after an intense workout, not realizing that your night is about to be ruined. You raise the glass to your lips in unbridled anticipation, having been thinking of this moment since your near fatigue-driven collapse on the football pitch earlier that evening. But the moment the creamy white liquid touches your tongue you know something’s wrong.Fresh Laban

What’s wrong? Well, in my haste to buy supplies for my chocolate concoction on the way home, I forgot to actually READ the label. So because I assumed that white means milk, I got my just desserts. Instead of purchasing milk I had mistakenly grabbed a bottle of Laban.

Laban, or Lban, is basically buttermilk. It is typically found in many shops in the Middle East. Laban is used primarily for making yogurt but can be drank straight. It has many health benefits. All of which, however, I Similarities?did not care about when I sat down with my refreshing chocolate “milk”.

So the next time I decide to make homemade yogurt or a Lebanese-type milk dish I know exactly what to buy. But on that night, at that table, at that moment, all I really cared about was that what I was drinking was NOT MILK…

  Not pleased.

And we were not happy about that.