A Month and a Day

One month spent in Abu Dhabi and I have yet to dry up like a date… Success!

Even though it has only been 30 days since leaving the comforts of my hometown Philadelphia, it sometimes seems as if I’ve been away for years. Maybe it’s the desert, or the sun, or the lack of general punctuality but there’s something about this last month that’s just felt loooooooonger. Or maybe it’s me.

Being away from your loved ones is no joke, serious business. I was talking with a family member and they brought up the fact that they still feel as though I’m just a few miles away. It’s weird living one way and then having a complete upheaval and within days your basically living a new life. Your old life is like a shadow. Except this shadow shows its shade in the evening rather than in the light of day.

Like clockwork, you’re busy and content, living it up in a brand new world, then you stop for a moment and BAM! – fierce emotions of longing pop up. At times it even turns into feelings of melancholia and you wonder why it was you chose such a drastic change in the first place. You find yourself looking through old photos, or perusing Facebook, or even writing sad blogs about distant places and people.

Yet in the end your resolve is clear and you know this too shall pass. So you put on a movie or Skype with someone of worth to soften the blow, knowing that you made a choice to venture forth into God’s green earth and you’re glad you did. While in the meantime realizing that its ok to feel a bit blue.