Wanna get away?

Abye bye Abu Dhabi

I took a trip today to a magnificent and enchanting place. A place that just so happened NOT to be in Abu Dhabi. I went to an island just off the coast called Al Maya that housed a relaxing resort. There will be plenty of pictures of today to come but in that Al Maya Islandmoment, as I motorboated away in my bright orange life jacket, what hit me most was the mental renewal that comes from simply getting away from it all for a few hours.

I walked down the dock, hooped into the 20 seater power boat, and off we went. And as I looked back at Abu Dhabi as it got smaller and smaller, I felt the worries of that land become smaller and smaller as well. While I knew I would soon return – literally later that day – it just felt good getting out on the crystal blue waters of the gulf and waving goodbye for a spell. Paradise Dock

I in no way encourage trying to escape from your problems, not that this last month has been problematic, but I do recognize more and more the need for us to sometimes put a momentary hold on the things we “need” to do. We get so caught up in what has to be done and in such and such time that we sometimes miss out on those truly enriching moments. I myself nearly said no to the inviter of this fine trip because I needed to do laundry. Laundry? Really? Lucky for me, however, that I decided to launder my spirit and put my dainties on hold.

Running away from your issues has never accomplished much. On the other hand, getting away for a day and putting some salty waters between you and those dilemmas? Well, it sure did wonders for me.

Salty Gulf