My Trip to India


Two steps into this exotic cultural experience and my stomach was already turning while my tongue preemptively ached for sweet Almond milk to soothe the hot spices and curry. Who could’ve imagined Dylan McShain, city boy, being served an exquisite meal at the Taj Mahal… most people call this small restaurant the India Palace though.

Gold DoorFor starters, we weren’t supposed to be here. We were supposed to be at a Indian place across town called Al Fujairah. But considering Al Fujairah is also the name of another local Emirate, we’re lucky we didn’t get driven by that nice taxi driver halfway across the desert.

He was very nice. His name slips my mind but his recommendation was unforgettable. We asked for a moderately priced Indian restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, and boy did we get it. Lights, statues, odd-India Palacesmelling men, it had it all… and then we entered INTO the restaurant. Whoa!

The menu was 20 pages long and looked like a pop-up book, so I was a bit disappointed when nothing ‘popped’ upon opening it. Trying to figure out what to eat was as complicated as tasting all of the sauces without actually eating the sauces. What?!? They were spicy. And I’ve never eaten Indian food before. Seriously. Never. Think I’m going to ruin my first time by spending the whole meal eating Naan and drinking Cream with Lycee to soften the spicy blow? Not!

Anyway, we finally ordered and when they came out, boy o’ boy, were they Indian. The food, not the servers. Pots of red stuff,

Chicken Skewers

steamy and spicy looking. Pots of creamy orange stuff, moist and spicy looking. Then came MY food… Skewers of chicken. Don’tworry, I’m adventurous, the chicken had curry seasoning on it. There. Happy?

But without getting into full regalia, the food and the atmosphere for my first Indian experience was dee-lycee-ious. Best part was the curried red sauce that I put on everything. So as soon as I get out of the bathroom I’m going back for seconds. Just kidding. I left the bathroom days ago, haven’t been back since.

Ben and I Cropped

More? Ok….