I’m PE Batman!

If we were to pass on the street you would never know that inches away on your right lies a man of uncanny abilities and skills who could crush you with a look and end your life with a glare. And on your left is me.

I am like Batman though. Ok, for clarity’s sake, I don’t have a cave or money or own a company or have a grappling hook that shoots out of belt which also holds the Batmobile signaling device. I don’t have those. But if you were to look into my closet you would find row after row of my super suit. Yes, it is made of a polyester blend, not Kevlar, but it protects me from 1st graders germs as well as 5th grade insults. And they can be vicious.

PE Outfits

One of the amazing things about working for my school is that they supply the Physical Education department with a uniform top. We are free to sport the shorts we like, shoe wear too, but come torso level, we are rolling deep in the clone department. When we roll up to the school, and we do roll up – rental car, it’s a Chevy Aveo – these PE-men look like we’re one step away from taking down Magneto.

This uniform luxury frees me from the monotonous mind-draining task of picking out clothes in the morning and affords me a deeper focus to more meaningful tasks. Toast or cereal? I pick toast, with Nutella. See? I’m already starting this day on the right foot, and that’s all because someone in the up and ups finally realized that this Superhero doesn’t need to worry about shirts… he needs to fly.

PE Batman