Not So Clean

Battle of the Brands

One of these brands left my clothes smelling like moldy stench ridden garments despite two thorough washes… the other did it’s job and cleaned my clothes. Which one do you think did what it was supposed to do?

Monday morning quarterback perception now allows me to admit that buying a discount detergent from a discount co-op for a discounted price was probably not the wisest of choices. I went with the blue box for 3 dhs, which equals roughly 90 cents. Surprisingly, I got at least a 94 cents worth of cleanliness. Niiice.

My clothes smelled fine until my body expunged a touch of moisture. At that point, my seemingly clean undershirt was transformed into a pungently odorous grouping of cotton threads. But it’s ok. Even though I was in the middle of a school day teaching children who for once smelled better than I did, it could have been worse. My clothes could have disintegrated instantly upon touching the hot desert air outside my apartment building. Leaving the conditioned and sheltered air of the great indoors can be nightmarish for bargain brands.

Once again, lesson learned: If you pay the basics, you get the basics. Probably won’t stop me from buying cheap things though. Sorry children, Mr. McShain might stink again… very soon. I’m still using the detergent.