Mo Money? No Money.

Forty-three days I’ve been here in Abu Dhabi. Want to know how many of those forty-three days were days in which I spent no money?              One… that was today.

100 Dirhams

Technically I haven’t physically spent any dollars, but dirhams? Oh. My. Goodness. This local currency has been flying out of my pocket like Geese in Autumn. Between medium Lattes and croissants in the morning, fresh Laban at night, and random house plants in the afternoon, I have never spent so much money in a 40 day period. How is it Jesus can spend 40 days in the desert with no food and I can’t spend one day in a 40 day stretch with my wallet closed?

Well, today was the day I started moving in the other direction… less spending. I spent nothing on nothing. This feels good. Maybe I’ll go 40 days without spending one fil (that’s a UAE cent) on anything. That’s it!

I’ll only eat leftovers and other people’s food. I’ll find ways to entertain myself through inexpensive means like exercise and sightseeing. I’ll leave my car in the garage and turn my hot water, electricity, phone, and air conditioning off. I’ll hand wash my clothes in public bathrooms with my previously bought discount detergent. I’ll beg, mooch, bargain, thrift, and haggle my way free of spending money on anything and everything for the NEXT 40 DAYS!!!


… Well, maybe I’ll just stop buying so many exotic Persian Rugs. Don’t really need a rug in the shower do I? Although, it can get slippery.