Words Schmerds

One of the funnest parts about moving to a new country is paying attention to all the little words, phrases, and idiosyncrasies that pop out here and there. Through advertisements, signs, or just through conversation you hear what the world – and by world I mean English Language – is like when expressed through someone else’s diction.

Although I am sure there will be plenty more examples, these are a few of the gems I’ve found so far… Enjoy!

Beer Oil
Which is it?
Butt Sweet House
Mmmmmm… sweet butt.
Camel Milk Coolata
It’s the only milk I drink.
Pena Colada
This means “Cooled Shame” in Spanish. No, not Va Va Voom… Pena Colada silly.
Cheader Cheese
Attempt #1 – FAIL
Cheder Cheese
Attempt #2 – Double FAIL
Soy to Chutney
Not a lot of Chinese… Just some.
Stay Classy Swimmers
For the women who likes to swim and has everything… except this.
Wizarding Store
Where Harry Potter shops, secretly… very secretly.
Romantic Room
Who knows what it holds? I dare’d not venture.