I thought I could escape. I thought I could get away. I thought the dry desert climate and turning sands would hide my trail.

I thought wrong.

At a standstill in the confusing and cyclical city traffic of Abu Dhabi, with 3 gentlemen in my tiny Chevy Aveo rental car, the devilish agent of Philadelphia caught the corner of my eye. I looked right and there it was staring me in the face – “Philadelphia”. It took a honk of the horn behind me to jolt me back into my senses after realizing what I was seeing. I had traveled South and East 6,922.63 miles, 11,140 kilometers for our metric friends. Despite the distance I could not, nor do I ever believe I will be able to, outrun my origin and birthplace. I guess this means I should just accept that it will always be in my life, whether I know it or not. Kind of like a really good stalker.

Philly Pharmacy

… Oh, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese is here too.