Amply Grand Indeed

Sunrise over the hills of Machu Picchu; the vibrant colors of the Great Barrier Reef, La Sagrada Familia of Barcelona; these are all places of wonder in which there are not enough words in any language to express their visual magnificence and splendor. While I have not been to Peru, or Australia for that matter, I did have the chance to visit Barcelona when I lived in Spain during my stay at university. Upon purveying Antoni Gaudi’s architectural genius, it was breathtaking to imagine the painstaking efforts and aesthetic concentration that went into creating such a masterpiece, which even today still isn’t fully realized.

Abu Dhabi sits in much contrast to La Sagrada Familia, translated I believe into ‘Sacred Family’, or ‘Famous Lasagna’, either of the two, but I digress. Abu Dhabi has much potential to become a city of true beauty and wonder, which I believe it is vigorously striving towards, but most of the city just is not there yet. It shows sparks of illustriousness, and it shows signs of marvel, take for example the Corniche, or possibly St. Regis hotel on Saadiyat Island, but overall it mostly lacks that finished touch. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, however, is finished, polished, and utterly glorious.

Grand Mosque

I wish I knew sufficient enough words  to describe the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, but alas, I do not. Though I started writing presuming I would be able to somehow regale my readers with wondrous thoughts and ideas of what walking through the pillars and marble floors of that palace of worship is like, I now realize that it is impossible to put some experiences into words – at least in a way that would do them justice. So with that in mind, I will let the following link to my photos do what I cannot.  Through the limited lens of an iPhone, witness the wonders that truly inspired men and women can accomplish. May God do the same in my life.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Photo Album – Facebook