Ridiculous! (i.e. Don’t Do This!)

We’ve all seen one. We’ve probably all taken one. So we’re all guilty… all of us.

Here’s the scenario: You’re on a vacation and you sit down to witness a breathtaking scene of beauty and tranquility and you think, ‘Hey, here’s a great photo opportunity… to insert my feet.’

I myself was lounging by a picturesque desert pool recently and succumbed to the hideous and ridiculous notion of taking photos that include my ankles and toes. What is it in our minds that takes a natural landscape, a creation that needs no further evolution, and has us try and make it better, with their toenails?

It is probably one of the grossest things we can do. I don’t mean that because I don’t like feet, I do like feet, I think they can be quite elegant. But for us to ponder, even for a nanosecond, that our bony callused bunions and corns could ever add to a tropical sunrise or a watery sunset is truly CRAZY. It is hilariously crazy, yes, but crazy nonetheless.

I know you might be thinking,  how would those viewing your photo ever know that you’re actually there, the one taking the photo. I’ll let you figure that one out. Especially, considering none of my friends could pick me out of line up seeing only knee down on my ole chicken legs. So the next time you stretch out by the pool, or the lake, or on the beach, and you see your feet combined with nature’s goodness, please let the thought, ‘Wow! What a great shot!’ flow out of your mind, take a deep breath, lay back, and keep your camera tucked away. We’ll all appreciate it.

Now, enjoy a picture of my feet…


…sorry, I had to.