I’m Spartacus – I mean a Cheetah – I mean a Kindergartener. Ok, I’m definitely the last one.

No matter where you go in the world there will always be superheroes. And where there are superheroes there will always be little people dressing up like superheroes. What fun to hide behind a mask of heroism. And who knows, maybe those blue and black tights will turn into real action one day. Maybe, but probably not. They sure do look cool now though. Especially the cheetah… hmm, the costume seems oddly familiar.


Superman’s first wheels.
Batman 1 ready?
Batman 2
Batman 2 ready?
Batman 3
Batman 3 ready?
Batman 4
Skinny man wearing a child’s Batman costume… ready?
Ultimate Trio
Let’s get ’em! Justice League… out!!!