The Old Man & the Road

A man was driving home from work one day speeding along when suddenly he had to slam on the breaks. In the middle of the road was an elderly man ambling along with a rope in his right hand. The infuriated driver jumped out of his car, after swerving to avoid hitting the old man, and began to let out a long list of grievances.

“What are you DOING walking down the middle of a busy road like this?!?” he yelled.

“Uggghh!!!! Don’t you know you could’ve been killed? I was traveling at nearly 80 miles per hour. You would’ve been a speck on my windshield at that speed. I know you old birds aren’t with the times and all but this is just ridiculous.” he spat laughingly.

Despite the onslaught, the old man kept on walking throughout the screaming and shouting. The driver saw this as a cue to up the volume of his voice as he continued his rant.

“There is literally a sidewalk RIGHT THERE! Look! RIGHT THERE! Are you deaf, blind, or just plain stupid? If you would just move your wrinkled self 20 feet to the right we would have no problems at all. None!”

At seeing the man’s indifference he boomed with hands clenched in fists of rage, “You’re not even LISTENING!”

Finally, he grabbed the old man by his shoulders and shook him, violently letting out a loud,


 “Friend!?!” the old man said with an astonished smile on his face, noticing the driver for the first time. But as the old man looked around him, then at the rope in his hand, his smile vanished and he asked,

 “When did this road get here… and what happened to my camel?”