Sri Lanka… in so many words.

Champagne in the sky. Powdered donuts. Horse families. 5220 steps. Breakfast on a hill. Concert in the clouds. Burning trash. Chained elephants. Maternal monkeys. Sarongs. Saris. Peacock calling. Tea dust. Deadly waves. Turtle babies. Private beaches. Frisky female dressers. Out of the Silent Planet. Cricket world champions. “Chenge the world” – Bob Marley. Tsunami survivors. Ginger Sambo. Chris Christie. Safari “palaces”. Lion beer. Dog packs. Mud huts. Shared bananas. Bugged vans. Small taxis. Big smiles. Long winding goodbyes. Short storms. And memories that will last past photos.

These are all part of mine and my fiancé’s trip to Sri Lanka. Over the next few weeks I will write just a few of the countless stories and revelations that came from a week in paradise. Here’s a taste…

Rekawa Beach Sunset