Guest Post – Timothy White

I learned a new phrase the other day – Guest Post. It is when someone else writes a post and sends it to you to be published. I was interested in trying it out. So with that said, the following is not mine. I have stolen it from someone who lived a simple but beautiful life. And although he is not around to see it posted I find it worthy of posting nonetheless.

I sat down to write about five important categories that would be interesting to both you and I. At first I started thinking about a taxi service. I thought, maybe I could do that for a little amount of time to make some money and still go to school. But then my [fear] of trying new things stepped in and I began to worry about the area I would be traveling into, whether my car would get stolen, and many different things pertaining to a taxi service.

On to the next thought, maybe I could become a novelist. Could it be that hard focusing on absolutely nothing and have my mind journey into places I had never been. This was a very interesting thought and I would like to delve more into what could happen or whether the idea should be further shunned. [But I won’t.]

The next two are pretty much the same, except one of them travels the world while the other stays where they are and focuses more on the people at hand rather than the atmosphere involved. Traveling the globe would best be done through the missionary system. I would travel the globe focusing both at the task at hand in addition to where I would be staying. People always need help and I would love to be the person who would provide that.

It seems as though traveling calls to me from a great distance. I am stuck here in Pennsylvania, but my mind calls to Rome and New Zealand, telling me that the section of my life that I should dive into is just a plane ride away. Is it that simple? To go on a trip and not know where it will take you. To go across the oceans and peninsulas that I have not been to. Or maybe it is not about the place these people have been to but the stories they have to tell from going to them, I am not really sure.

Now, as I think about the life I could be having, my next couple of ideas don’t seem to be too great. Special Olympics could be amazing for a disabled child, but do I really want to give up my life forever to see a disabled “child” succeed.

I don’t know.

by Timothy McShain White

                                                                                                                                                  January 14, 1982 – May 7, 2011

RIP Cuz. Keep on smiling… I don’t know either.

Tim's Smiling