Space to Work: Creating a desk in a country without wood.

A few months back I bought a chair. A lovely brown recliner that has allowed me numerous moments of literary respite. The chair was one half of the equation; the workbench was the second half. This is the tale of that workbench.

IMG_1715Loud noises echoed off the walls of my small apartment. Sawdust floated through the air. Bits IMG_1741and pieces were strewn across the ground. I had blisters on my right hand and splinters embedded in my left. And I couldn’t have been happier. That’s what happens when you’re making something magical.

It took me approximately nine hours over the course of three days to put together what will be and has been the work zone
for many projects. It took even longer to find the wood – turned out I just needed to go to Ames Hardware.

IMG_1768Wine racks, boxes, shelves, chairs, stools, miniature figurines of Vladimir Putin… these will all be assembled here. Oh, and don’t forget beautiful portraits and breathtaking landscapes. Because it’s also a drafting table. BAM!!!


And don’t think I’m not putting some shelves on this bad boy as soon as I get my money right. Shuga Please! In the meantime, here are some other gems I’ve created since being in “Abu Dhabi”, which I believe in Arabic means, ‘place of craftsmanship’.

Hat RackCereal Box Spice RackSpice RackFokker D-VII