29 Things That Help Make an Amazing Two Weeks

I’m not one to catalog my travels and experiences is such rote ignominious ways, but I don’t think the hard drives of my readers would be able to process all the information and data if I were to write down in detail all of the events of the last two weeks. Since writing my piece about The Ritz, I have had the following amazing experiences. I urge you to do the same.

  1. Met an Ambassador from Italy
  2. Traveled to another country (Bahrain)
  3. Got sunburned… twice
  4. Camped in the desert
  5. Beheld a heavenly sunrise
  6. Whooped up on some teenagers in Soccer, Football, Utimate Frisbee, Dodgeball, AND keep away.
  7. Stuck my feet in wet clay
  8. Possibly digested Grilled Dove
  9. Was part of a Championship Football club
  10. Observed Hobbits, Gumball machines, and Princesses play in harmony
  11. Dressed up “On the Same Page” as my wife
  12. Witnessed not one but two Edward Scissorhands attempt to pick up a beverage with their scissors
  13. Scored 3 points for my team in the first Gaelic Football tournament of the year (it’s a big deal)
  14. Explored an art exhibit portraying crocheted coral reef creations
  15. Heard a lecture on the Neuroscience of Memory
  16. Went on 2.5 date nights
  17. Skyped with 5 different loved ones
  18. Listened to 6+ inspirational podcasts
  19. Saw a Jamaican bobsled team
  20. Watched the Ultimate Warrior wrestle a sailor
  21. Legalized my wife (i.e. she’s all Visa’d up)
  22. Rocked out with glow sticks on the nighttime desert sands
  23. Ate a Big Mac… haven’t done that in a while
  24. Prayed with at least 23 different people
  25. Nearly sank into quicksand
  26. Saw the cutest crayon in the world
  27. Defended our apartment against evil window washers
  28. Started growing a moustache – MOVEMBER!!!
  29. And finally, woke up every morning to a beautiful new day. Don’t believe me? Check out the pictures below.

Write below for clarifications on any of the above. Or simply write what amazing things happened to you in the last two weeks?