Search for an Authentic Abu Dhabi – Qasr Al Hosn Festival

Each year the biggest emirate in the UAE, Abu Dhabi, holds a cultural festival to demonstrate, remember, and preserve the rich Bedouin heritage of their country. It is centered around Abu Dhabi’s earliest stone fort, Qasr al Hosn, constructed in 1761, and dedicated in 1976. Every February, this is where the festivities and highlights take place, at the qasr (castle or fort in Arabic).
For these reasons I was quite intrigued, and so had planned to attend the festival last year, in 2014. However, the stars lack of alignment, combined with my confusion over Abu Dhabi’s street placement led me to never actually find the fort. Since then I have re-attempted the search on four different occasions only to find the same failure. I had nearly given up hope. It was not until this week when a friend came to visit that I was once again encouraged to find Abu Dhabi’s oldest castle.
Luckily, this time around we were drawn to the right spot with the boisterous Arabic music and numerous skyward bound spotlights. It took no time at all to find the welcome gates and begin our walk through time. And so…