VIP in the Kingdom’s Kitchen

For many expats, visiting Saudi Arabia is not on their to do list. For this expat, it’s on my tah-done list… Sort of.

Ask anyone around Abu Dhabi where Saudi Arabia is and they’ll look at you funny. If you don’t know the location of UAE’s neighbor to the west then you need a geography lesson.

Condescension aside, Saudi Arabia is close. Despite the proximity, many foreigners living in the Middle East have never been there. Due to its stringent visa requirements and so forth, Saudi is one tough nut to crack. But thankfully, if you live in the UAE you can experience some of what Saudi has to offer without ever passing its border.

It’s cuisine.

At two locations around Abu Dhabi you can recline on Persian carpets at Saudi Cuisine VIP. SCV serves up authentic and delicious Saudi fare in an rugged Middle Eastern atmosphere. Woven tapestries line the adobe walls as you deeply dig your five fingers into a shared dish of Khabsa – Saudi Arabia’s most popular dish, featuring grilled meats, long rice, and assorted roast nuts and raisins. Feel free to flavor any part of your meal with side dishes of lentil soup or creamy laban yogurt. Savouring each bite is made easier as you have to rest your elbows on the neighbouring cushions.

The warm tones and rich aromas create an atmosphere built for relaxation.

So whether you are in the mood for Saudi Arabian or have simply never tried, but you can’t quite get across the border, recline the night away at your nearest Saudi Cuisine VIP.