Tis the Season (to Stop?)

My brother told me before I travelled to Abu Dhabi that if I wanted to be a successful blogger I have to write often. His best advice was to take one day a week and to knock out 3 to 5 blogs and then I could simply release them throughout the week – a noble effort indeed. Did I do this?


I didn’t even come close to writing two blogs in one day. Furthermore, in the last 60 days, I have published a whopping ONE blog entry to this site. But, am I concerned about it?

Not in the slightest.

Why? Because life is about seasons. There is a time for every matter. Shouldn’t our writing habits reflect this?

The first year I lived in Abu Dhabi I was by myself. My future wife was back in the U.S. and we chatted once a day in the early morning. That left much time in the evening to delve into the daily experiences of the desert. I was free to reflect and expound on anything and everything. It was very enjoyable.

Then my wife joined me, and still, I wrote. Not quite as much as I had before, but I wrote nonetheless. Over the last three months, however, I’ve noticed a stark decline in my posts. There has simply not been enough time in the day to put consistent “pen to paper”. Yet, I am in no way perturbed by this. That is the season in which I find myself.

Over these last three months I have spent much time in meaningful discussion with the people around me. Through coffees, evenings out, and squash games, my time has been fully and joyously occupied. Despite the fact that I find much joy in writing and reflecting on life, I never desire for it to take the place of true joy, and of true love.

The reflection that writing allows me, deepens my awareness and appreciation of the relationships I have built. That is a very important aspect of love – profound understanding. That understanding though, should lead to greater love, to better relationships, to more intentional time spent. Orson Scott Card writes about this very thing in his novel Ender’s Game.

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy…then in that very moment I also love him.”

While we hardly like to think of our enemies now that the Christmas season has commenced, maybe we should. Maybe that is what this season should be about – finding the spirit that allows us to understand, and love, those we find less than desirable.

We hear countless reasons why we need to get in the spirit, and experience the true joy of the holidays. Some will use such a message to loosen your wallet, while some use it to distract themselves from the cold bleakness of a world in turmoil. I do not care to amuse or entertain my way through yet another month of the year. My simple wish is to continue my season of relationship building.

Now, on the question of my inevitable return to the blogosphere, who knows?

There’s always Spring.

Christmas Balls