Time is on a Rocket ->

Wow! Time has flown so quickly in these last seven months. In that time I have written three posts about my travels and experiences… that’s it! ‘BOO!’ to me. Again I say, boo. Unacceptable. I plan to do better. For now, I’ll catch you up.

I have seen, done, and learned much in these past months.

Gold lattes in a Palace. Weddings in Bangkok. Massages in Koh Samet. Desert sunrises in Liwa. Pelmenis in Tbilisi. Bottling in Manama. Siestas in Spain. Pasteles de Nata in Sintra. Vino in Lisbon. Camping in Pennsylvania. Steaks in Philly. Revelations in Vineland.  Seven months sure has a lot of possibilities. Oh, and of course, the baby. The wife and I have a little one due in September. It’s a blessed season in this traveler’s household.

So, in order not to beleaguer you with too much at once… here’s a taste…

Stay tuned! More to come shortly.