Want to be a GAA Champion? Build the team. 

Turning off the small Clara road, we followed the signs for Clara House Holistic Spa. We passed a large fountain, and a few farms, and arrived at our destination. No, we weren’t heading to the spa (yet), but what laid behind it. 

An hours drive from Dublin, not 15 minutes from Tullamore, is a sports performance and training facility called ASPIRE – Advanced Sports Performance Ireland. Our goal? To build our bodies, our spirits, and most importantly, our team. 

The GAA World Games starts on Tuesday the 9th. Most of the gentlemen showing up for these two days of training and team building have done the majority of their physical training already. These two days were designed to strengthen the unit that is the Na Fianna mens’ and ladies’ Gaelic football team, competing in Dublin this week. 

The two days consist of varied exercises that hit all necessary aspects of a team: communication, team meals, group workouts, spa treatments, and the quintessential spiderweb activity – where you try and get all members of your team through a spiderweb without touching the web itself. Scary. 

Whether it will pay off in championship silverware, only time will tell. However, while other teams are spending time in their hotels, or with family and friends around Ireland, the Na Fianna men and women are hard at work developing the bonds that transform individual parts into one unit. And one variable that connects any championship team is they are exactly that… a team. 

Tune in here in the days to come to find out if Na Fianna’s hard work pays off.