Day 2 and Through

The rain refused to stop, but so did Na Fianna. Living up to their warrior name, both the Na Fianna men’s and women’s teams moved on to their respective finals. 

The ladies are moving on to the shield final tomorrow at UCD while the men’s team won all four of their matches today to move on to the Cup Final in Croke Park this Friday. 

The boys’ smiles were a mile wide as they finished their fourth and final game, but their eyes were fixed on something further. Their aim here in Dublin was to come and win. Getting to Croke Park is a mighty feat, yes, but this team is gelling in all the right ways and wants to bring home that finals trophy. They will face a fierce competition in a very strong Middle East team, who won the games last year. 

In the meantime, UCD will still be host to plenty of action. The last day of competitions at the beautiful Dublin campus will most certainly hold some excitement. For more info on tomorrow look below. 

All Shield and Cup Matches

Hurling N Final: Australasia vs. Middle East

Hurling NN Final: New York vs NACB Chicago 

Camogie Cup Final: Australasia vs. Tara

Camogie Shield Final: New York vs. Croydon

Men’s N Cup: Na Fianna vs. Middle East 1

Mens NN Cup: New York vs. France 

Women’s N Cup: Parnells vs. Australasia 

Women’s NN Cup: New York vs. Canada Eastern

Men’s N Shield: Australasia vs. Canada Western

Men’s NN Shield: South Africa vs. Europe

Women’s N Shield: Na Fianna vs. New York

Women’s NN Shield: France vs. Galicia

N = Native Born Irish Born Teams (aka Irish)

NN = Non-Native Foreign Born Teams (aka Native)

All times and fixtures here

Friday’s Times at Croke Park