Day 3, the Joy of Finishing Early

“I’m going to Jackson” rings out (somewhat off-key) over the din of conversation at the Clubhouse Bar at UCD’s sports fitness and athletic center. Karaoke never sounded so good to many of these club members whose GAA World Games has ended. The drinks flow and the songs do the same, all in celebration of the hard work these clubs have put in over the last few months. 

Teams involved in today’s competitions have finished and are taking full advantage of their early exit from the GAA World Games. While some teams rest up and prepare for their final test tomorrow at Croke Park, others find the comfortable booths and ample pints a welcome respite from the intensity of these past two days. 

One of those teams is the Na Fianna Ladies’ team who faced the New York club in the shield finals. In the end, New York’s relentless pressure proved too much for the injured and depleted Na Fianna squad. This tale has a bittersweet ending, as does many of the games’ “losers”, for in the end, the players and coaches are able to retreat to the warmth of the local Irish pubs and regale one another with stories of hard fought matches and battles now gladly over. But much like any good conversation, these pub pundits have feed for fodder. Tomorrow’s Cup Finals in Croker will be anything but a walk in the park. 

For now though, while some rest and some celebrate, we all dance the never ending waltz of games past, present, and future. 

Tune in tomorrow for the final day of the GAA World Games.