I Abandoned my Newborn Baby Girl

The world had changed. Nothing seemed the same. Wasn’t sure how it had changed but I knew what had caused it. I had a new baby girl. 

She had been born two days prior and I was now abandoning her. I left her sleeping peacefully in the hospitals crib and I left. It seemed cold and unloving but I had to do it. You see sometimes you have to abandon the ones you love because in the end it will be better for them. 

In the end, she will forget about your failures as a father and move on. Hopefully she will not be the business end of too many jokes later in life. But that was now behind you. There would be no looking back. Like Lot and his wife fleeing from Sodom I had to fix my gaze ahead. I was leaving my child. 

All because I had forgotten the butt paste at home. 

Of course I’d be back in a bit, butt paste in hand, but it didn’t feel that way. After two days, I had formed such a bond with this young girl that every step away from that hospital room door was agony. It was my own personal ‘labor’ of love. But, nonetheless, I forged ahead…

To a better end.