Sitting in the Shade of a Car

Life is crazy. And newborn babies don’t exactly simplify things. That’s why when you have an opportunity to take a breath, you should take it… and I almost missed it. 

It was a pleasant afternoon. The school day was done and I was waiting for a ride home. I knew it would be a few minutes before the driver arrived. 

A few minutes, huh? 

The thought came to mind to finish a few items on my agenda.  A quick email. A phone call to a vendor to set up something for the following week. Maybe even play a short game of chess on the old iPhone. But then a strong gust of wind overcame my attention. 

I closed my eyes and gave in to the breeze. When I opened them I realized I had an apple in my hand. Before I knew it I was sitting on the curb, biting fiercely, eyes closed, and sitting in the shade of a nearby car. 

The moment was sublime. 

The only thing that mattered was the gentle breeze and the crisp freshness of the apple. Cars drove by me filled with students, no doubt busy telling their parents of the day’s events. And there I was quietly posed between two cars in a parking lot in the middle of the afternoon. 

Before long my friend showed up and the moment ended. I got in the orange car that would take me back home to my beautiful baby and busy life. But I was not resentful. I was happy to have known such a moment in the midst of the chaos of life.