The Weirdest Meal You Never Ordered – Brunch in Abu Dhabi 

It was nice to be one of those people for a change. You know the ones. They come out around 12 pm every Friday. Standing by the street with one arm raised toward the sky. Its almost as if in triumph, like they know the victory to come. They are adorned in bright colors and decadent jewelry, to match the feast in which they are preparing.

They are, of course, the brunch goers. Or for the sake of shear mummery, the Brunchians. And this Friday, we were one of them.

With a 7-month-old infant, any excursion out into the world is an accomplishment worth celebrating. Sitting still and allowing us to eat more than 5 bites of our dinner is an accomplishment worth celebrating. This day, however… we had booked the nanny.

Brunchians unite!

Brunches in Abu Dhabi vary in duration and cuisine but they all have one thing in common. IMG_9669Food. And lots of it. Some specialize in seafood, some Mexican, some are meat lovers’ dreams and veggie lovers’ nightmares. Many offer a wide mix. And mix is what people do.

They are a lot like a buffet, except these tend to have a chef standing there for every food. Lobster tail… YOU get a chef! Sushi station… YOU get a chef! Ice cream dipped in nitrous… YOU GET A CHEF!

It’s a lot like Oprah (minus the cars).

What is fascinating is how all of those things are combined in one meal… and on one plate usually. People throw out any regard for what does or does not mix to satisfy their numerous and decadent cravings.

Jerry Seinfeld describes this eclectic buffet mentality perfectly in a recent comedy set on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The momentary result of such decadence is a very content palate. The final result of willingly sacrificing your digestive system to such vast arrays of flavors might not be so pleasant. But in the end, sometimes you have to throw it all on the plate and simply join the Brunchians.