Tblisi, Georgia

Top 4 Places to Visit in Tblisi

Long under the hand of Russian rule, this unassuming Eastern European city has much to offer, including charming cafes, cozy restaurants, stunning architecture, and delicious cuisine.

1. Amo Rame Cafe

It’s like you just stepped out of the cold and into your grand ma ma’s living room and she served you something warm and delicious. Try the Pelmeni!










2. Warszawa Cafe

Depending on how comfortable you are with visiting a Polish cafe in a Georgian country, this cafe is cheap, easy, and good for what ails ya. Try the ‘Sopa’.

IMG_6743 IMG_6742.JPG







3. Vino Underground Wine Bar

With an entrance where you may have to duck to avoid hitting your head you know you are in for some character. Try the one-of-a-kind organic wines!









4. Downtown Architecture Tour

The pictures speak for themselves. This country has been put through the ringer in the last century, yet it’s buildings have stood the test of time. Worth a look. Try the Sioni Cathedral.